giovedì 17 marzo 2011

Essence Metal Glam Eyeliner (Review and Swatches)

BRAND NAME: Essence Metal Glam Eyeliner
WEIGHT: 4 grams / 0.1 fl.oz 
Retail Prize: €2.99 / $3.50


I went to OVS after work and when I saw that a lot of Essence stuff are on sale, I tried to pick these fancy metal liquid liners called Essence Metal Glam Eyeliner. I‘m very much used with pencil liners to line my eyes (for me it’s the easiest way of all the ways). I alternately wear black or brown, but this time I have decided to try metal colors. I never tried coloured eyeliners other than black and brown so I got so excited. The colours I picked were:

- 01 Got A Date? -- Dark brown but has a very lil’ metal effect
- 04 Techno Girl -- Purple with some shimmery glitters
- 05 Breezy Beach -- Teal metal blue (MY FAVE!!)
- 06 Pinkadelic -- Hot metal pink

I have listed the following PROS and CONS of the product after a week of use.
1. I do love the packaging. The color of the tube is almost the same as the color of the product itself (they usually do this in most of their products, especially in their nail polishes). The plastic material of the tube doesn’t look cheap.
2. The lasting power is amazing. I’m impressed because it lasts the whole day.
3. I got these products for €0.99 each however the normal price is €2.99. If you want to try and play with different eye looks, better try this.
1. It takes so much time to dry. The product has a very thin consistency.
2. For you to get the metalized look, you need to apply at least 2-3 coats. It isn’t opaque enough at first application. What I do is I tend to wait for at least 1 minute before I apply the next coat for a more metal opaque look.
3. The brush isn’t that so good. In liquid liners, I prefer fine brush tips for precise application.
4. It isn’t waterproof.
If I were to rate the product I give it a 6 out of 10. The quality isn’t the best however if you try to play and experiment with the colour, you’ll surely love it. Honestly, I will continue to use this coloured liquid eyeliner but I don’t think I’ll repurchase these in the future. By the way my favorite is the blue one. :)

martedì 15 marzo 2011

Mini H&M Haul

I went to H&M this weekend and I'm somehow stressed so I tried to relieve myself from some stressful issues around me, I tried to budget my money and go shopping at H&M. H&M offers great deals in their cosmetics line and if you love to play with make-up, you should try to visit them. They do have hit and miss products but you can always play and find something interesting, like what I did, Here are the few stuff I purchased: 
1. H&M Smokey Eyes Brush (€2.95) This looks like the one from Sephora (except that this one is black). This double ended brush is one of the specials brushes H&M offers. 

2. "Spring Nails" Nail Polish (€0.95 each) There are (I guess) 6 colors but I only got 2. The colours I chose were Dazzling Nude and Lemon Sorbet. I do love the colours as seen from the bottle. I haven't tried them yet and I hope I won't get disappointed. These products are sold separately however in some H&M boutiques, you can get it by sets of 4.
3. Lipgloss (€0.95 and €3.49) I do love the colours. I'm loving the swatches of these 2 lipgloss from the shop and I'm excited to use them. The shades are seen on the 3rd image. 

I'm amazed by the prizes and I hope I'll get some good news and reviews about these products. They always say, being beautiful doesn't need to be expensive. I'm a makeup junkie and I always find great products out of curiousity from the affordable ones. Thank for reading!

mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

ELF Studio Two Way Cake Foundation SPF15

I purchased this foundation when I had my vacation in the Philippines a month ago. And now that I just hit the pan, I have decided to share with you my insights about this product. 

BRAND NAME: ELF Two Way Cake Foundation in Pale Peach (STUDIO LINE) 
WEIGHT: 8.5 grams / 0.3oz 
Retail Prize: Php249.75 / $5 / €4 

What I like about the product: 
1. It has SPF 15. I prefer facial products that can give me enough protection. Sunny days are coming so better get protected. 
2. The shade Pale Peach perfectly matches my skin tone. I do have a fair asian skin, and this (of all the foundations/pressed powder I'm using) blends well on my skin. I just feel that ELF made a foundation cake just for 3. The fine texture. I'm so impressed of the finely milled powder. 
4. The sponge compartment. It looks very neat with a compartment for the sponge. There are also provided holes underneath the packaging to let the air pass through a wet sponge (if you are using a wet one). 
5. Mild and gentle on the skin. I never encountered problems with blemishes, redness etc on my skin just because of this product. 

What I don't like about the product: 
1. The screw that connects the mirror to the compact itself is kinda loose. 
2. The platic material of the compact is made out of cheap plastic (not a big deal for me) 
3. Once you hit the pan, the product loses it hold and breaks easily (so careful handling is what I do now.) 

ATTENTION: This product isn't available int he site for unknown reasons. I would love to repurchase this brand however I have no means to do so. I'll just end up buying a different brand with the same formula and shade as this. Uff!

martedì 1 marzo 2011

Hello Kitty Nail Polish by H&M (Limited Holiday Edition 2010)

Product Information
Net 0.4 fl.oz /13mL
Colour Name: Kitty Queen
Price: €3.25

The packaging is quite gorgeous. I like the round flat bottle, it is quite space saving in my opinion (unlike bulky nail polish bottles). The brush isn't that so good for I prefer broad flat brushes for easy application. The product consistency is quick dying, a faster application is a must before the product thickens. The product when applied is great, it has a very strong pink colour (hot pink!!) that one coating is enough. The second image shows the swatch, no top coat and just a single coat of the product. It gives a not so shiny effect, nor a creamy effect but somehow a lil' matte so I prefer using a clear top coat to make it last. The nail polish is sparkly and glittery. This nail polish lasts for 4-5 days. There isn't no major chipping but since it has a strong pink colour, minor chipping is quite obvious.
This is a limited Holiday Edition so I don't believe it is available on sale now. So far, a good product and I a product I would definitely recommend.

Welcome to my Beauty World!

Hello there fellow bloggers! This is my newest blog (second after my NAKED-MADEMOISELLE blog). This blog will be exclusively for BEAUTY purposes only. For the past months I have been mixing my personal archives with my make-up review posts and hauls and so now I have finally made this for that purpose. I may update this as often as possible, making it more interesting to all viewers.
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