martedì 15 marzo 2011

Mini H&M Haul

I went to H&M this weekend and I'm somehow stressed so I tried to relieve myself from some stressful issues around me, I tried to budget my money and go shopping at H&M. H&M offers great deals in their cosmetics line and if you love to play with make-up, you should try to visit them. They do have hit and miss products but you can always play and find something interesting, like what I did, Here are the few stuff I purchased: 
1. H&M Smokey Eyes Brush (€2.95) This looks like the one from Sephora (except that this one is black). This double ended brush is one of the specials brushes H&M offers. 

2. "Spring Nails" Nail Polish (€0.95 each) There are (I guess) 6 colors but I only got 2. The colours I chose were Dazzling Nude and Lemon Sorbet. I do love the colours as seen from the bottle. I haven't tried them yet and I hope I won't get disappointed. These products are sold separately however in some H&M boutiques, you can get it by sets of 4.
3. Lipgloss (€0.95 and €3.49) I do love the colours. I'm loving the swatches of these 2 lipgloss from the shop and I'm excited to use them. The shades are seen on the 3rd image. 

I'm amazed by the prizes and I hope I'll get some good news and reviews about these products. They always say, being beautiful doesn't need to be expensive. I'm a makeup junkie and I always find great products out of curiousity from the affordable ones. Thank for reading!

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