mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

ELF Studio Two Way Cake Foundation SPF15

I purchased this foundation when I had my vacation in the Philippines a month ago. And now that I just hit the pan, I have decided to share with you my insights about this product. 

BRAND NAME: ELF Two Way Cake Foundation in Pale Peach (STUDIO LINE) 
WEIGHT: 8.5 grams / 0.3oz 
Retail Prize: Php249.75 / $5 / €4 

What I like about the product: 
1. It has SPF 15. I prefer facial products that can give me enough protection. Sunny days are coming so better get protected. 
2. The shade Pale Peach perfectly matches my skin tone. I do have a fair asian skin, and this (of all the foundations/pressed powder I'm using) blends well on my skin. I just feel that ELF made a foundation cake just for 3. The fine texture. I'm so impressed of the finely milled powder. 
4. The sponge compartment. It looks very neat with a compartment for the sponge. There are also provided holes underneath the packaging to let the air pass through a wet sponge (if you are using a wet one). 
5. Mild and gentle on the skin. I never encountered problems with blemishes, redness etc on my skin just because of this product. 

What I don't like about the product: 
1. The screw that connects the mirror to the compact itself is kinda loose. 
2. The platic material of the compact is made out of cheap plastic (not a big deal for me) 
3. Once you hit the pan, the product loses it hold and breaks easily (so careful handling is what I do now.) 

ATTENTION: This product isn't available int he site for unknown reasons. I would love to repurchase this brand however I have no means to do so. I'll just end up buying a different brand with the same formula and shade as this. Uff!

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